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Applent Instruments Inc. is going to attend 2012 80th Electronic Exhibition, China in Shanghai from 30th, Oct to 1st, Nov. Booth number: booth N3, 3A131.
Applent Instrument Inc. is going to attend the 78th Electronic Exhibition, China
The global 10% above handset lithium batteries test by AT520SE.
AT610/AT611 has the 1000V impact protection.
What's New
AT511C Low Ohm Meter AT511C
AT520B HV Battery Resistance Meter [Second Edition 2011] High voltage and Internal Resistance Meter. The measurement voltage is more than 800VDC.
AT2816A LCR Meter Using true color TFT-LCD display,Test Freq: 24064 points,Test Speed:30times/second。
AT2818 Precision LCR Meter Using true color TFT-LCD display,Test Freq: 10Hz~300kHz,Test Speed:30times/second
Home Products Family Micro ohm MeterAT2511
AT2511 Low Ohm Meter
AT2511 is new designed high-cost performance micro ohm meter based on the requirements of customer. New designed operation panel is more convenient for the use to operation, as well as the more convenient sorting settings. Replace Applent Model AT511A,test range from 0.01mΩ~200.0kΩ with max reading of 5000 dgts
Low test current makes it can be used in occasion of low power consumption, especially for factory checking and product sorting.

Parameter DC resistance
Accuracy 0.2%
Measurement Range 10μΩ~200kΩ
Measurement current I - Max: < 100mA (micro current test, compatible HIOKI 3540)
Range Automatic and manual with 7 ranges
Speed Slow: 3 times/second Fast: 10 times/second
Display show
Display Max 5000
Adjustment Short-circuit Zero-Adjust for each range
Comparator OFF, PASS, HI, LO
Trigger Internal trigger
Interface None
Temperature compensation None
Method 4 terminal shielding(2 check terminal and 2 driving terminal) and external shielding ground section
Voltage: 198V AC - 240V AC Frequency: 50Hz Power: Max 15VA
220mm (Width)x85mm (Height)x259mm (Depth) 2kg
ATL503: Kelvin test clip
ATL620: meter resistance 4-terminal clamp fixture
0.8 inches LED display
0.8 inches big font, highlight LED display
Automatic test and provide manual range function
Comparator function
Short-circuit Zero-Adjust for each range
Accuracy: 0.2%
Max Reading: 5000
Automatic and manual with 8 ranges
Measurement range: 01mΩ~200.0kΩ
Fast:10 times/second, Slow:3 times/second
Measure string cable diameter coil resistance (such as earphone coil)
Measure sensors resistance
Measure protectors resistance
Measure resistance of transformer, inductor, motor, deflection coil winding
Measure all kinds of contact resistance、welding contact resistance and metal defect detection
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