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Multi-channel Resistance MeterExpand Multi-channel Resistance Meter
Digital LCR MeterExpand Digital LCR Meter
Capacitance MeterExpand Capacitance Meter
DC Electronic LoadExpand DC Electronic Load
Insulation Resistance MeterExpand Insulation Resistance Meter
Leakage Current MeterExpand Leakage Current  Meter
Hipot TesterExpand Hipot Tester
Inductance MeterExpand Inductance Meter
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Digital Multimeter
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News & Events
Applent Instruments Inc. is going to attend 2012 80th Electronic Exhibition, China in Shanghai from 30th, Oct to 1st, Nov. Booth number: booth N3, 3A131.
Applent Instrument Inc. is going to attend the 78th Electronic Exhibition, China
The global 10% above handset lithium batteries test by AT520SE.
AT610/AT611 has the 1000V impact protection.
What's New
AT511C Low Ohm Meter AT511C
AT520B HV Battery Resistance Meter [Second Edition 2011] High voltage and Internal Resistance Meter. The measurement voltage is more than 800VDC.
AT2816A LCR Meter Using true color TFT-LCD display,Test Freq: 24064 points,Test Speed:30times/second。
AT2818 Precision LCR Meter Using true color TFT-LCD display,Test Freq: 10Hz~300kHz,Test Speed:30times/second
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Collapse Battery TesterBattery Tester
AT528L Handheld AC milliohm meter
AT5220 AC Low ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)
AT520M HV Battery Resistance Meter
AT527A AC Low ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)
AT527B AC Low ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)
AT527H AC Low ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)
AT527L AC Low ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)
AT520 AC Low ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)
AT520SE AC Low ohm Resistance Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)
AT520L Battery milliohm Meter
AT528 Handheld AC milliohm meter
AT520A Battery Internal Ohm and Volt Meter
AT520B HV Battery Resistance Meter
AT521 Battery milliohm Meter
AT526 AC Low ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)
AT527 AC Low ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)
AT1653 Battery Element Tester
AT520C HV Battery Resistance Meter
AT526B AC Low ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)
AT525 Storage Battery Internal Resistance Online Tester
AT851 Battery Tester
AT526C AC Low ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)
AT5210 AC Low ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)
Collapse Multi-channel Temperature MeterMulti-channel Temperature Meter
AT4708 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4208 Handheld Multi-channel Temperature Meter
AT410 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4310 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4320 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4340 Multi-channel Temperature Meter
AT4508 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4516 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4532 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4108 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4116 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4202 Handheld Multi-channel Temperature Meter
AT4204 Handheld Multi-channel Temperature Meter
AT4510 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4524 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4610 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4710 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4808 Handheld Multi-channel Temperature Meter
AT4708H Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4716H Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4724H Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4732H Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
Precision Micro ohm Meter
Collapse Micro ohm MeterMicro ohm Meter
AT510Pro Micro ohm Meter
AT510 Micro ohm Meter
AT510L Micro ohm Meter
AT510M Micro ohm Meter
AT511A Low Ohm Meter
AT511SE Low Ohm Meter
AT511M Low Ohm Meter
AT512 Precision Resistance Meter
AT515 Precision Micro Ohm Meter
AT516 Micro Ohm Meter
AT518 Handheld DC milliohm Meter
AT2511 Low Ohm Meter
AT518L Handheld DC milliohm Meter
AT516L Micro Ohm Meter
AT510SE Micro ohm Meter
AT511C Low Ohm Meter
AT517 Micro ohm Meter
AT517L Micro ohm Meter
Collapse Multi-channel Resistance MeterMulti-channel Resistance Meter
AT5130 Multi-channel Resistance Meter
AT51X8 Multi-channel Resistance Meter
AT510X6 Resistance Meter
AT5110 Multi-channel Resistance Meter
AT5108 Multi-channel Resistance Meter
AT5120 Multi-channel Resistance Meter
Collapse Digital LCR MeterDigital LCR Meter
AT3810A Precision LCR Meter
AT3817A Precision LCR Meter
AT3818 Precision LCR Meter
AT3816A Precision LCR Meter
AT810 LCR Meter
AT810A Precision LCR Meter
AT811 LCR Meter
AT2816A LCR Meter
AT2816B LCR Meter
AT2817 Precision LCR Meter
AT2817A Precision LCR Meter
AT2818 Precision LCR Meter
AT820 LCR Meter
AT821 LCR Meter
AT824 Precision LCR Meter
AT826 Handheld LCR Digital Meter
AT2811 LCR Meter
AT810D LCR Meter
AT817D LCR Meter
AT825 Precision LCR Meter
Collapse Capacitance MeterCapacitance Meter
AT617 Precision Capacitance Meter
AT610 Capacitance Meter
AT612 Precision Capacitance Meter
AT610D Capacitance Meter
Collapse DC Electronic LoadDC Electronic Load
AT8511 DC Electronic Load
AT8512 DC Electronic Load
AT8611 DC Electronic Load
AT8612 DC Electronic Load
Collapse Insulation Resistance MeterInsulation Resistance Meter
AT682 High Resistance Meter
AT682SE Insulation Resistance Meter
AT682L Insulation Resistance Meter
AT683 Insulation Resistance Meter
AT688 Insulation Resistance Meter
AT6830 Insulation Resistance Meter
AT686 Insulation Resistance Meter
Collapse Leakage Current  MeterLeakage Current Meter
AT680 Leakage Current Meter
AT680A Leakage Current Meter
AT680B Leakage Current Meter
AT680SE Leakage Current Meter
AT6832 Leakage Current Meter
Collapse Hipot TesterHipot Tester
AT9210 Hipot Tester
AT9210A Hipot Tester
AT9210B Hipot Tester
AT9220 Hipot Tester
Collapse Inductance MeterInductance Meter
AT776 Precision Inductance Meter
AT770 Inductance Meter
Collapse Temperature Calibrator MeterTemperature Calibrator Meter
AT720 Temperature Calibrator Meter
Collapse Power MeterPower Meter
AT3310 Digital power meter
Collapse Digital MultimeterDigital Multimeter
AT186 New Digital Multimeter
AT188 New Digital Multimeter
Collapse DC BIAS SourceDC BIAS Source
AT573 DC BIAS Source
Battey Element Tester
PTC Resistance Meter
Collapse Instruments SoftwareInstruments Software
ATS510 Data Acquisition Software
ATS512 Data Acquisition Software
ATS520 Data Acquisition Software
ATS4320 Data Acquisition Software
ATS4340 Data Acquisition Software
ATS8512 Data Acquisition Software
ATS8512M Battery Data Acquisition Software
ATSR-T(X5) Data Acquisition Software
ATS610 Data Acquisition Software
ATS680 Data Acquisition Software
ATS810 Data Acquisition Software
ATS817 Data Acquisition Software
ATS817(X3) Data Acquisition Software
ATS2816A Data Acquisition Software
ATS2818 Data Acquisition Software
Collapse AccessoriesAccessories
ATN0 RS232C Interface
ATL801 RS232C Cable(2m)
ATL501 Kevin clib
ATL502 Kevin clib
AT526L AC Low ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)
AT5206C AC Low ohm Meter (Battery Internal Resistance Meter)