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Applent Instruments Inc. is going to attend 2012 80th Electronic Exhibition, China in Shanghai from 30th, Oct to 1st, Nov. Booth number: booth N3, 3A131.
Applent Instrument Inc. is going to attend the 78th Electronic Exhibition, China
The global 10% above handset lithium batteries test by AT520SE.
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AT511C Low Ohm Meter AT511C
AT520B HV Battery Resistance Meter [Second Edition 2011] High voltage and Internal Resistance Meter. The measurement voltage is more than 800VDC.
AT2816A LCR Meter Using true color TFT-LCD display,Test Freq: 24064 points,Test Speed:30times/second。
AT2818 Precision LCR Meter Using true color TFT-LCD display,Test Freq: 10Hz~300kHz,Test Speed:30times/second
Home Products Family Multi-channel Temperature MeterAT4710
AT4710 Multi-Channel Temperature Meter
AT4710 adopts high-performance ARM microprocessor and FPGA, it can record data with real-time and high speed. It is 7 inches highlight true color LCD display screen, all touch panel assist secondary function key to operate, it uses Applent ATOS Rev.7 operating system, and it is more easy to use and more intelligent. Real-time display measured data and graph brings you newer experience.

New design AT4710 data logger adopts real-time FPGA circuit, breaks the limitation of sampling rate, coordinates high-efficient、high precise analog circuit, realize high precise and super high sampling rate, the resolution of measured temperature reaches 0.01°C, sampling rate of single channel <1ms, it only takes 10ms to complete measurement of 10 channels.

AT4710 supports various types of temperature sensors, they include thermocouple K、J、E、T、N、S、B、R type, RTD: 3 wire and 4 wire PT100.

In order to apply to alive test, instrument adopts high voltage buffer circuit, MCU and IU can withstand voltage 300VAC, allow MAX withstand voltage 300VDC for each channel.

There is 80MB high capacity data cache inside the instrument, used to real-time record, it can save 5.5 hours’ data under 10ms sampling rate. Instrument supports four USB2.0 host interface and one SD card interface.

The instrument configures comparator, and optional Handler (PLC) interface, output 10 channels NG signal.

Built-in LAN interface, RS-232C interface and USB232 interface, also have optional RS485 and Wireless LAN module.

The instrument adopts Applent enhanced PC remote control command, compatible with SCPI (Standard Command for Programmable Instrument), and realize high-efficient remote control and data acquisition function.

AT4710 can be applied in many areas, they include fuel cell, electro bile battery, lithium battery, acid battery pack’s develop and maintenance, LED and related circuit’s develop, cars and their parts’ evaluation and measurement, daily maintenance of automatic equipment, factory monitor, power device and other electronic components’ measurement.

Graduation Thermocouple: J/K/T/E/S/N/B/R
Accuracy 0.2%
Range -270C~1820C(Resolution 0.01℃, varying depend on graduation)
Resolution 0.01
Channels 10 channels
Speed 50ms/channel
Correction Error correction for each channel
Comparator High/low beep Individual setting high/low value for each channel
Interface RS232C; USB-disk; SD card; USB communication; HANDLER interface
ATS47 data acquisition software
Cold Junction Accuracy: 0.1℃
7 inches TFT-LCD with touch screen, true-color LCD display,broken thermocouple check function
Voltage:85VAC~260VAC Frequency:50Hz/60Hz Power:30VA
290mm(Width)x130mm(Height)x360mm(Depth) 5kg
K type thermocouple 10 pcs (2m/pc); ATS47 data acquisition software
7 inches big LCD display screen, 3 types of display fonts.
Adopts real-time FPGA circuit high sampling rate.
Cold Junction Compensation, various types of input signals.
Standard configuration USB-disk interface,support high capacity storage device.
Standard configuration RS232C interface and USB interface,SD card interface, LAN interface
Built-in high capacity data buffer, real-time record data.
Broken thermocouple check function
Comparator function
ATS47 data acquisition software
Apply to multipoint temperature measurement of manufactories of home appliance, motors, heating appliance, temperature controller, transformer, oven, thermal protector, power supply, lighting, electric power, LED and quality department; research and development and maintenance of fuel cells, batteries for electric cars, lithium battery packs, lead-acid cell packs; research and development of LED and related circuit, evaluation and measurement of automobiles and their parts; routine maintenance of automatic equipment, factory monitoring、and measurement of power device and so on.
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